Northern Chill Refrigeration Ltd.
is a leading service provider for Commercial, Residential, and Industrial sectors. Our Residential offerings encompass emergency service, a dedicated maintenance program, and installations of Mitsubishi Heat Pumps/Mini-Splits and Navien Combi Water Boilers. For our Commercial and Industrial clients, we offer prompt emergency services complemented by a comprehensive maintenance program. Discover more about the products we service below.

Mitsubishi's Canadian Tough Heat Pumps and Mini-Splits

Built for the demanding Canadian climate, Mitsubishi's "Canadian Tough" heat pumps and mini-splits deliver reliable performance, even in temperatures as chilling as -20 degrees C. These energy-efficient units provide consistent warmth in the heart of winter and refreshing cooling in summer. With their sleek design and flexibility in installation, they're an ideal choice for Canadians seeking comfort and efficiency in every season.

Navien Combi Water Boilers and Hot-Water Tanks

Navien's Combi series redefines modern water heating solutions. Engineered for efficiency, these water boilers integrate seamlessly with hot-water tanks to provide homes with an uninterrupted hot water supply. They're not just about functionality; Navien's commitment to innovative design means these units are compact, environmentally friendly, and operate silently.

With advanced condensing technology, Navien Combi units maximize energy utilization, ensuring that homeowners enjoy significant savings on their utility bills. Moreover, their durable construction guarantees longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance. Navien's Combi water boilers with OnDemand Hot Water are an unbeatable choice for households seeking a combination of performance, sustainability, and reliability.